Slow Looking Tool Kit, Part I

Carl Chiarenza is an artist who hopes that people will look at his work for a longer period of time. This approach is known as "slow looking." Through slow looking, you get to know a photograph by spending more time with it—you might even create a personal connection to the work.

As you move through this exhibition, use these SLOW prompts and try looking at an artwork for longer than you might usually. 

Slow down

Look around the gallery and find a work that you’re drawn to. Then consider these questions: What drew you to it? How does it compare to other works in the exhibition?


Now take a moment to study every element of this photograph. Try looking at it from edge to edge. What is your eye drawn to? What shapes, lines, and textures do you see? 

Observe your feelings

How do you feel while looking at this work? Does it bring up emotions or spark an idea? Does it remind you of anything or anyone?

Weave together a story

Why does this work feel meaningful to you? What do you think it represents? (Remember, there are no wrong answers!)