Halloween in the Mansion

Beloved guest, come close and tremble, 

'tis the time that ghosts assemble! 

This week, George Eastman’s historic mansion has been taken over by the spirits of the past.

Audio Transcript

Welcome mortal guests, beware and tremble. 

‘Tis the season where ghosts assemble. 

I am your host, Anthony L’Abbate. Join me, on this week of All Hallow’s Eve, as I share the haunted happenings that have occurred within George Eastman’s mansion. 

Eastman built this mansion in 1905, and upon opening the doors his staff members immediately began to report… odd things happening. Doors open and shut on their own accord. Floors creak where they shouldn’t. Stairwells echo when they should be quiet. Even from the beginning, something wasn’t quite right, and the chilling tales have continued over the decades.. 

Perhaps, if we’re unlucky, some of these spirits may materialize before us as we explore these hallowed spaces. Our tour continues in the Billiard Room.