A Spirit on the Stair

Our final spirit has gone up the stair. 

Follow the footsteps if you dare! 

Audio Transcript

By this small stairwell that leads up to the third floor is a room that used to be an office. Late one night, a staff member was closing up her office, leaving late after an event, and as she moved to lock the door, she heard small running footsteps. 

In her peripheral vision, she saw a small child run up the far side of the grand staircase and duck into Maria’s bedroom. 

Assuming that the child had come from the party that was just held in the galleries, and perhaps had snuck up here, she followed the footsteps into the darkness of Maria’s bedroom. 

No one was in the bedroom. 

No one was in the bathroom. Which left the closet. 

She peeked in, and saw no one. The only movement was a slight swinging of the historic clothing, like someone small had tried to hide behind them. She quickly walked through the darkness of the mansion, not looking backwards once.

I hear the spirits calling me, and must finish our tour. I do not want to wait for them to awaken and find me. You on the other hand, you should stay and see what happens next.