A Haunting in the Billiard Room

Grab your cauldron, grab your broom. 

Meet me in the Billiards Room! 

Audio Transcript

In recent years, while on a tour of the mansion, a guest casually asked their guide who was living here. The guide replied that no one had lived in the mansion since it became a museum in the 1940s. 

The guest looked confused, and shared this story. They lived in the neighborhood and would take walks with their dog at night around the mansion. One night, as they turned the corner to walk by the West Garden, they were caught off guard by a new sight. 

A gentleman was sitting in the Billiard Room, reading under a dim light, the curtains obscuring his features. As the guest tried to look closer, the light blinked out and the room went dark. 

As you look around this room, you’ll notice that these areas are blocked off and at night this room would have been dark. So either we have a staff member who is enjoying the mansion in their off hours… or… well, we’ll let you decide. 

I can feel a presence calling us. Please, follow its call to the Living Room.